Melissa D Hair Artistry

Melissa D Hair Artistry is a private hair studio located at Sola Salons in Bellevue, TN.  

Melissa is a Master Stylist and she has enjoyed her career for 22 years.  In addition to her work in the salon, Melissa has freelanced as a Makeup Artist, Bridal Stylist and a Professional Beauty Consultant.

As an Entrepreneur with a passion for other creative and artistic fields, Melissa has also enjoyed businesses in Bridal Accessory and Home Decor design and retail, web and graphic design, as well as an Art Gallery Owner/Artist specializing in Abstract Paintings and Designer Handcrafted Jewelry.

After working as an employee at Salons in NJ and Bellevue, TN for 18+ years, Melissa D Hair Artistry was founded, in 2015, when Melissa started her own business as an Independent Hair Stylist.  She offers a full range of hair care services for men, women, and children, backed by her professional experience, attention to detail, and priority for customer satisfaction.

Available Tues-Sat by appointment only. In order to better serve existing clientele, Melissa is not accepting new clients, at this time.


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TUES: 9-5

WED: 9-1

THUR: 9-5

FRI: 9-5

SAT: 9-1


Melissa D Hair Artistry 

at Sola Salons

8135 Sawyer Brown Rd,

Suite 705, Studio 23,

Nashville, TN 37221

Across from Burlington Coat Factory in Bellevue One Shopping Center.

(Bellevue Mall)